• How It Works

    What we do for you


    Identify Requirements

    Do you want your students to earn general education credit in science and/or global culture/communication? If yes, is the credit lower division or upper division? Do you want to add French language learning? Do you want a program on French language and culture?


    Develop Curriculum

    Are there existing courses at your university or college that we can modify to incorporate experiential learning? What are the student learning objectives? What are the contact hour requirements? Does your institution have a learning management system (e.g. Canvas) that we can use to post articles and assignments in conjunction with the program?


    Create Budget

    We prepare a budget based on number of students, number of days abroad, location, and whether the program is self-support through your institution or regular summer session. The budget typically includes lodging, food, transportation, excursions, insurance, incidentals and program fees.


    Propose a Program

    We present you with a proposal, including course syllabus and a budget. We also provide information on how we will assess learning objectives if required. If you accept our proposal, at this point we will provide your school with a contract.



    Once we have a commitment from 10 to 12 students, the program begins with a series of "stateside" meetings for orientation and pre-trip course assignments. And then it's off to France!


    Follow through

    After our France experience with your students, we host a reunion and/or follow up sessions. Depending on the curriculum, students may present posters during these follow up sessions.

  • Sample Programs

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    Send us an email! allonsyfrance@gmail.com