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    Supercharge students' fluency in French and global awareness with this experience of a lifetime.

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    Paris + Normandy 2019

    We offer a two-week summer program in Paris with an excursion to Normandy for groups of 10 to 12 students plus school/parent chaperones Your custom program could include coursework in French language, culture, history, and/or science that is structured around visits to monuments and museums of Paris and Normandy (both famous and off the beaten path). As France is renowned for its food, our program also focuses on the many dimensions of French gastronomy, including traditional, non-traditional, and trending cuisine. Paris is a very walkable city, and during our many outings we will have occasion to see many famous points of interest.

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    Experiential learning, or learning via direct interaction with a subject, is one of our academic specialties. Our curriculum includes visits to Paris' monuments and world-renowned museums (such as La Tour Eiffel, Arc de Triomphe, Louvre, Musée d'Orsay, and Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle), as well as our specialty excursions such as The Pastry Crawl. An excursion to Normandy includes a stop at Monet's garden in Giverny before traveling on to Bayeux, Le Mont Saint-Michel, and the D-Day beaches.

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    Other Details

    We encourage groups of students who already know each other from school and/or clubs (e.g. French club) to join us. This program runs in June and early July. Students must be 16 years or older to participate. We require 3 or 4 parent or school chaperones (yes, tough work - but someone's got to do it!).


    This program is planning-intensive for Allons-Y! and are limited to working with one high school group per summer. We begin work on curriculum and logistics 8 to 10 months in advance to create the best experience possible. Email us at allonsyfrance@gmail.com to request more information, including our curriculum vita, information on costs, and a sample itinerary.

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